We Encourage Our Sponsors
  • Meet their child during their visit to India, Nepal, Philippines & Congo
  • Visit the child’s school to see their donation in action
  • Meet the local volunteers that are helping your child succeed
  • Enjoy a deeply rewarding experience both for you and your child

4,000 – Children sponsored/currently in Schools - 6 Countries – USA, Canada, India, Nepal, Philippines & Congo (Africa)

700 – We have 700 sponsor families from 15 countries supporting our charity today

1,426 – Merit students produced by Uplift a Child who has secured 1st 2nd and 3rd ranks in the past decade competing with well to do children at school.

1,091,250 – (Indian Rupees) Cash awards given to our children in 45 locations .

Our Objective

Uplift A Child International (Vonumu International) is a non-profit organization, founded by Samuel and Rena Vonumu in 2000. Our objective is to identify poor and needy children, place them in a school, and support them through 12 years of schooling through the high school. This will keep the children off the streets, provide them with the basic skills to develop, and give them an opportunity to emerge as self-reliant and productive members of the society. By the time the children complete high school, they will have the necessary social skills and will be mature enough to plan and work towards a brighter future. Until then, we must work with each child in helping the child grow in the right direction.

About us

We started our organization in 2000 with just 4 children. The following year some more children. After that, many more all the way to 1000+. We had a very small begining starting with just our family. But as the days passed by, God is blessing our mission to the poor and needy. We originally started this as a family help to some kids. But that turned into an organization. It is growing every day with help of God's blessings, People's hardwork, Our wonderful sponsors and many Volunteers who work for us free without charging a penny.

Our Vision

Make a Difference through the gift of education and change the status of a less fortunate child from underprivileged status to privileged status.

Children waiting for help

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